First day at my second new-to-me-school, new-to-me-artists, pushing into new rooms, colleagues, and COVID protocols. More reflections running through my mind:

Please be aware that I am not complaining, just offering my observations and thoughts.

The most special moment this week happened on my first day of school. It was dismissal time. All of the bussers and riders had left the school; it was time for the walkers to go home. It had been a long first of COVID-style dismissals, mind you. A little guy was called to his mama. He ran into her arms, giving her the BIGGEST hug. That was it. I nearly lost it on the sidewalk. I was reminded of this special moment this afternoon when I arrived home to my children. They ran to me and gave me the biggest hug.

Speaking of school dismissals, oh yes, and arrivals, if you have no knowledge of COVID-style dismissals at a school, you should. The amount of planning that goes into arrival and dismissal of students, managing cars, walkers, busses, one-way traffic patterns, how everyone can or cannot enter the school, staggered employee arrival/dismissal times to accommodate new duties for temp checks and other actions, etc., anyway, the amount of time that was spent devising these plans because it was necessary – it’s a crazy amount of time. That task falls on the shoulders of many people who have thankless jobs. Thank you.

I am thankful for the kindness of my colleagues. They are flexible. They are generous with their classrooms, as I have to travel between rooms or across the building, attempting to bring an art studio to my artists, with no travel time built into the schedule. They are welcoming of a new face. I appreciate it and need to let them know this.

What were the electrical codes back when some of these buildings were constructed? Why aren’t there more outlets? Where do I plug in my laptop that doesn’t hold a charge?

I had the pleasure of “teaching” a former student’s children. I say “teaching” because I checked in with the family to take attendance through a virtual learning platform while the rest of my class remained eager, fairly quiet, and patiently awaiting our class time. After check-in, they created at their own pace at home following the digital lesson and videos I created to keep them up to pace with the IP learners. The mom was in the first graduating class I ever had, 17 years ago. She was an awesome learner and artist, and her kids look just like her!

This morning when I arrived to school, I couldn’t find my school keys, key card, and badge. Crap. I’m at the school with the most strict leader. They are nowhere. I left them at my other school. I NEVER DO THIS. I HAVE A ROUTINE. MY MIND IS CRAZY RIGHT NOW.

I played shadow tag today, and it was fun…until I couldn’t effectively breathe in my mask when I was running.

I am glad that today is Friday because my mind needs a break. A break from a million thoughts flooding my mind during a ten minute period, a break from problem-solving and making on a whim decision because something unexpected happens. A break from hand sanitizer. A break from my mask being sucked into my mouth when I am attempting to project my strained voice to spread apart artists. A break from wondering if I have been exposed to the virus.