One of our teachers’ kids has a defogger spray for glasses. I used it in anticipation for the upcoming chilling recess. The defogger was a success. If you wear glasses and a mask, buy this stuff. I hear it’s a little pricey, but so worth it. Find it in the vision centers, where you can purchase eyeglasses.

I learned that one of our principals might have to sub for a teacher because we are low on substitute teachers. With so many of our subs being retired teachers, some with underlying health issues, they have decided not to sub for us at this time. This has created a shortage in available substitute teachers. This idea has kept me going. I do not want to have to take a day off and leave my position unfilled.

My face hurts. My jaw hurts.

17 minutes. 17 of 45 minutes. There were a few challenges for the artists inside my laptop during those first 17 minutes of class. As we worked through them, some of the in-person artists rocked. They quietly engaged in continuing creating artwork we began the first day of art. Unfortunately, some saw this as free time, chatting with friends, no artwork progress. I couldn’t stop my instruction and guidance online because, well, I couldn’t. I need to find a better way to reach all of the artists, whether they are in-person or online. When we resumed class, I began with the “I’m disappointed” speech as well as giving praise of appreciation for those who showed respect. Any other suggestions?

Recess for k-2 was busy. Busy from reminders of mask wearing, reminders of how to wear our masks, reminders to stay a safe distance from our friends, a loose tooth, bathroom breaks, some discipline, and some nurse visits. Lining up felt like trying the routine for the first time on the first day of school.

Planning time has arrived. My to-do list is long. My time is short. Or so it seems.

Whew. What an afternoon. Again, kindergarten at the end of the day is challenging, both for kindergarten, but also for the teacher. A full day of kindergarten is exhausting. By the time the afternoon hits, the kids are ready to go to the comforts and freedoms that home provides. Bless those kindergarten teachers over and over again. If you know a kindergarten teacher, shower them with gifts and kind gestures.

Yesterday I had a kinder practicing gymnastics (or something as such) and today was a kinder who tested the waters and pushed every. Single. Button. I caught myself raising my voice, and quickly reminded myself to stay calm, cool, and collected. Despite every attempt for this kinder to derail the lesson and the precious creating time of fellow artists, the rest of the class was able to focus on the artmaking. It was nothing short of a miracle. I will admit that when I left that room, I thought to myself how I would love a stiff drink. My colleagues standing outside the room read my mind before I even spoke of it.

Mask acne is a real thing. I am finding all of these little bumps around my mouth.

For the first time in a long time, I am exhausted, enough that I could take a nap! Napping is not in my future tonight. I am at home now and already battling my daughter over doing homework. How’d your day go?