Dear diary,

Thank God I survived this day.

I barely made it onto the main road this morning after dropping off my children before answering a phone call from the sitter. Estella was upset. I turned around and drove back to comfort her. I held her in my arms, wiped her tears, and did my best to calm her emotions, then set sail again.

My school morning began with a class that I just can’t get the pulse on. It drains me before the period even makes it halfway through! An intermediate class followed it, which was completely different. This group craves more options, more studio time, and wants to help me more so that we can do more with our time together. I love them. That age – 3rd grade – is my sweet spot right now, my saving grace in the morning at each of my schools. When I left the building this afternoon, of the artists in that class told me how excited he was to have art class again next time.

First grade artists were challenging; this particular group is always challenging. I probably reminded these young artists about proper mask wearing as many times as I remind all learners during any given day. That’s a lot. When their homeroom teacher arrived, she asked how I was, and with one look, she answered for me: “spent.” Yep, spent is accurate.

When I took my mask off for lunch, my face hurt. I’ve had a headache most of the morning. I’m positive that I’m not drinking enough water. I’m also not sleeping well, nor are my children at home. That combination adds to the uphill climb of my day.

My principal shared some very promising news, something that she is advocating for, and something that I long for as an art teacher, teaching in the current situation. Fingers crossed that her push favors positive results.

Dance class for both of my children began its season tonight. Tonight on the playground, I greeted artists both from the beginning of my career (she is a parent now), as well as some of my current artists at 2 of my 3 schools. Some of them even recited our Artist Mantra…just because. It brought smiles to me and to them. It was also a little strange seeing them without their masks for the first time.