Day 9 of full remote-instruction.

Dear Diary,

Sometimes my husband holds a double standard for himself and for that of our children. Take for instance, today, when his lunch break aligned with my planning period. I was making a lot of progress updating my Google Classroom for our return to learn with the simultaneous in-person and remote-learning modes, when my husband’s singing of Christmas Hymns in the kitchen abruptly interrupted my haven of solitude and focused concentration in my kitchen/school office. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas music, especially hymns; I’ve been listening to the holiday music station on the radio since it started November 1. Doug’s rendition was different, emphasizing random words and lyrics in what seemed like the loudest singing voice possible. I reminded him of how he would be reacting to this behavior with our children because they like to sing, sometimes quite loudly. I said to Doug, “Now Oscar, remember that we do not use our really loud singing voices in the house.” Doug responded by singing louder. Our kids watch us model behaviors. Remember this, sweetheart, the next time that our dear offspring are too loud according to your “standard.”

I can’t get over how many birds fly into the house windows during the day.