Group Coaching

Are you a transitioning teacher struggling to shed your teacher identity?


Have you lost track of who you are as a person? Do you find yourself exhausted, constantly battling teacher brain, and struggling to transition away from the classroom? Or maybe you’ve already transitioned but can’t break old habits or don’t know what next steps to take.

If so, you’re not alone. Group coaching can help you connect with like-minded educators who know the power to make shifts lies within.

Can you relate?

  • Not sure what steps to take next
  • Struggling to move beyond the classroom with confidence.
  • Thinking you’re “just a teacher” and can’t do anything else.
  • Struggling to feel in control and left stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted.
  • Battling guilt
  • Struggling with toxic work environments as you gear up for your transition out of the classroom
  • Dealing with traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, panic attacks, and poor sleep habits
  • Feeling trapped, hopeless, and experiencing imposter syndrome

Reclaim balance, purpose, and joy!

If you’ve been looking for ways to support your wellbeing during your transition, you found it! In this group coaching program you will have a supportive environment where transitioning teachers like you can find:

  • Clarity and confidence for your future 
  • Restored educator wellbeing and regular self-care
  • Resilience and stress management strategies
  • Autonomy, voice, and choice 
  • Tools for coping with stress and overwhelm 
  • Recovered well-being for a fulfilling career

Start to feel the difference in just 6 weeks!

Group coaching for educators who are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and know there is more beyond the classsroom but need guidance, support, and accountability to find their purpose.

Rediscover yourself your purpose and gain confidence

Who do you want to be? Take a moment for you and join this group of professional educators to find calm and energy and restore balance from the inside out.