4 Ways to Stop Faking Happy and Gain Control of Your Anxiety

When I battled anxiety, it showed up like a wrecking ball. If you experience it, you know this scene all too well. Just when you think you have escaped, the heaviness comes barreling down after you until it crashes right into your body, taking you on a ride you don’t want to be on. YouContinue reading “4 Ways to Stop Faking Happy and Gain Control of Your Anxiety”

Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: Sometimes I Wonder if… 

Dear Diary, There’s a recurring scene in the movie “Soul” where all of the souls who have earned all their badges get to jump into their lives. Before the jump, they’ve explored, tried out new things, learned a lot, and then finally, the last badge appears. It’s only then they know it’s time for themContinue reading “Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: Sometimes I Wonder if… “

Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: You Might Think I’m Crazy…

When a loved one passes away, it can leave you feeling a rollercoaster of grief. The permanency of death weighs on you like you’re holding up a brick wall while crumbling pieces fall around you, despite your efforts to hold it all together. You know if you move, everything will fall and you’ll be leftContinue reading “Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: You Might Think I’m Crazy…”

Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: I feel guilty that I feel bored teaching.

Dear Diary, There. I said it. I’m bored. As an art teacher, I feel bored. I’m teaching everyone else how to be creative throughout the day and it leaves no time for my own creativity. Creatively speaking, I’m bored. That’s just the beginning. And you know what? I have been afraid to say that outContinue reading “Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: I feel guilty that I feel bored teaching.”

Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: It’s Not a Linear Path

Dear Diary, In the spring of 2021, I sat at a desk of one of my three schools and Googled the question, “What can teachers do outside of the classroom with a teaching certificate?” Okay, it may not have been word-for-word that question. But it was pretty darn close. I had just finished up aContinue reading “Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: It’s Not a Linear Path”

Facing Myself in the Mirror: Week Three

The final week has arrived. I feel more comfortable with myself when I look in the mirror. I talk with myself in the mirror more than I did before starting the mirror work, and in a positive way. I am excited to finish the mirror work and move into more of the author’s work. IfContinue reading “Facing Myself in the Mirror: Week Three”

Facing Myself in the Mirror: Week Two

The time has come to heal my inner child. I pulled out photographs when I was very young. Photographs my mom had collected over the years and decided I should have for myself several years ago. Sometimes I take them out to show my kids what I looked like at their ages. Today I lookedContinue reading “Facing Myself in the Mirror: Week Two”

Facing Myself in the Mirror: Week One

Today I began Mirror Work. 21 days of intense exploration and affirmations to heal my inner child and learn to love myself. As I walk this path toward healing, I will journal openly and honestly. I will share my thoughts, my feelings, and my progress. I will expose my vulnerability and invite you to tryContinue reading “Facing Myself in the Mirror: Week One”

A Wave of Relief After Her Passing

I couldn’t even mutter the words. How did she get inside my head? What did I say that gave away my secrets? I burst into tears because I knew what was coming. I’ve thought those words. I covered my face, ashamed that breaking down revealed what I had thought many times before this moment. IContinue reading “A Wave of Relief After Her Passing”

How to Return to a Place of Trauma When the Place May be Your Job

My role in education has been deeply rooted in my self-worth for as long as I can remember. When my parents divorced, I was very young, and that was the beginning of the seeds sprouting into a false sense of value. As my world changed around me, I looked to my teachers and to schoolContinue reading “How to Return to a Place of Trauma When the Place May be Your Job”