Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: Sometimes I Wonder if… 

Dear Diary, There’s a recurring scene in the movie “Soul” where all of the souls who have earned all their badges get to jump into their lives. Before the jump, they’ve explored, tried out new things, learned a lot, and then finally, the last badge appears. It’s only then they know it’s time for themContinue reading “Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: Sometimes I Wonder if… “

Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: I feel guilty that I feel bored teaching.

Dear Diary, There. I said it. I’m bored. As an art teacher, I feel bored. I’m teaching everyone else how to be creative throughout the day and it leaves no time for my own creativity. Creatively speaking, I’m bored. That’s just the beginning. And you know what? I have been afraid to say that outContinue reading “Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: I feel guilty that I feel bored teaching.”

Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: It’s Not a Linear Path

Dear Diary, In the spring of 2021, I sat at a desk of one of my three schools and Googled the question, “What can teachers do outside of the classroom with a teaching certificate?” Okay, it may not have been word-for-word that question. But it was pretty darn close. I had just finished up aContinue reading “Diaries of a #transitioningteacher: It’s Not a Linear Path”