Teams Workshops

Life coaching workshops for educator, corporate or small business teams.

Is productivity down? Empower your team from the inside out!

My approach to coaching teams is rooted in my expertise as a coach and an educational leader. Help your team move beyond stress and overwhelm, find balance, and restore their time and energy so they can show up where it matters most.

Can your team relate?

  • Compassion fatigue
  • Poor boundaries, overextending themselves, and exhaustion
  • Burnout
  • Can’t turn off work when going home
  • Little to no work/life balance
  • Undervalued, stressed, overwhelmed by workload
  • Replaying stressful situations of the day – rumination
  • Running on empty
  • Desire to grow personally and professionally, craving opportunities to integrate both in professional development opportunities
  • Stress of increased demands have them prioritize work over family, home or themselves
  • Strive for perfection, comparison to others, constantly taking on extra responsibilities/tasks leads to poor boundaries, overextending themselves, and exhaustion 

Benefits of Team Workshop

I help to empower your team from the inside out, so they can show up at their best, and with their best. Happier employees equals greater oppotunities for all.  

  • Raising self-awareness while creating a safe space for open and honest conversations within the workplace.
  • Cultivating growth through understanding and empathetic experiences with being supported by a community.
  • Collectively move forward with new perspectives and deeper connections as a team, so everyone feels a sense of value and belonging with their professional peers.
  • When employees feel good about themselves on the inside, powerful shifts are created so they show up at work at their best.
  • Practical tools/strategies that are easy to use, at work day and at home, to reset and restore focus.
  • Identify specific stressors that lead individuals to self-doubt, overwhelm, and feeling unappreciated and build strategies to cultivate empowerment and balance. 
  • Learn how reframing your thoughts and changing your behavior positively impacts your employees, colleagues and team.
  • Empower your team to support self-care, resilience, and value employee well-being with empathy and compassion to create better work culture.
  • Restore mind/body/soul connection with awareness and self-compassion.

How Would You Like to Experience This Journey?

Live in-person workshop

Are you in the Central PA area? I can come to you! This workshop is for groups of all sizes to empower your team members and bring greater opportunties.

Virtual workshop

Virtual workshops available to teams anywhere in the world. Through a Zoom session you and your team can begin to make shifts. Up to 15 seats available per workshop.

Sessions included in the workshop:

These are the topics we will cover during our time together. Each session builds upon the next to help you make shifts, find balance, and sustain your energy!

Finding Balance

You leave work feeling drained, exhausted and sometimes, depleted. How does that carry into your home life? Setting boundaries can help you create shifts to increase focus on what matters most, and find work/life balance.

Mindset Reset

We’ll take a look at negative self-talk, self-doubt, and other limiting beliefs that keep you feeling stuck in the loop of challenging thoughts and proving your worth. Learn how to reframe those thoughts and feel more empowered!

Intentional Living

Learn to focus on growth aligned with your values – personally, professionally, or both. Recognize behaviors that support and deter you from living with intention. Learn to embody the life you desire.

About Your Host

I love inspiring those around me to become leaders, but it starts within – the belief in yourself. I seem to have a knack for helping others do just that.

It starts with build confidence to trust that inner voice, follow it, and empower your own journey.

From leading my department, to leading committees, creating and facilitating professional development, writing for a magazine to help teachers grow, I was focused on anything I could do to help others!

When I started life coaching, I had an aha moment! I had to teach others how to tap into their own personal power to transform their own lives and I wanted to reach as many people as possible.

With team workshops each participant can experience their own unique journey, but also the team, in turn, evolves collectively as a group towards a common mission, vision, and values.

I’m here to empower your team from the inside out!

“Good mental and physical health are crucial, and I learned ways to move forward, embracing better mental and physical health through embracing the concept of balance in my life.”

– Jacquelyn

“Giving me the opportunity to speak with other teachers, who I know are feeling just as tired burnt out as I am, was truly eye-opening. Teachers tend to strive for perfection in all we do and that is so unrealistic. This workshop allowed me to recognize those similar feelings and concerns I have with other educators, which was very beneficial.”

– Anonymous

Empower Your Team to Make Shift and Level Up!