The Apology You’ll Never Get

Sometimes your inner pain feels never-ending like there’s no way out of it. Something triggers you to relive a time you don’t want to revisit. Thoughts consume you. Feelings take over, leaving you raw with emotions once again. You might be holding onto resentments that haven’t healed. You may desperately need an apology as theContinue reading “The Apology You’ll Never Get”

Tackling Resentments Before They Turn Into Regrets

When you were born, you came into this world pure and beautiful. Your family welcomed you and brought you home to teach you how to navigate life. Those lessons were infused with everything that your family learned in their lives and thought you needed to know, too. Your parents and family imparted their beliefs, waysContinue reading “Tackling Resentments Before They Turn Into Regrets”

It’s Time to Let go of My Regret: I Didn’t Get to Tell Her That I Forgive Her

It was the morning of November 5, 2021. My first day back to school after a stressful and long quarantine period for myself. On this Friday, my husband was in charge of the at-home virtual schooling of our still-quarantined children while I returned to school to teach. Mid-morning, the blue-tooth on my watch kicked inContinue reading “It’s Time to Let go of My Regret: I Didn’t Get to Tell Her That I Forgive Her”

How I Knew I Hit Rock Bottom and What I Did About It

It was a Friday morning, late winter in 2018. After another emotional meltdown while I was at my job, I had enough and called off for the day. I needed a break. In all honesty, I needed more than just an extended weekend because I knew that I was at rock bottom. I was tired,Continue reading “How I Knew I Hit Rock Bottom and What I Did About It”

Stories of the Girl Who Couldn’t See It for Herself

Age 9. School. I sit in my 3rd grade classroom, front row, close to the door. My head is curled up in my arms as I hide my crying face from everything that surrounds me. Peers next to me ignore me, paying more attention to the teacher presenting her lesson in front of the chalkboard.Continue reading “Stories of the Girl Who Couldn’t See It for Herself”

Pen Pal Letters Between Generations of Me

Dear Teenage Jess, It feels good to connect with you after all of these years, and boy did time fly! By now, you have discovered how much you love to draw and sing, and both the art room and the stage have become a second home for you. These two loves – art and musicContinue reading “Pen Pal Letters Between Generations of Me”

5 Lessons I Learned From Reading My Mother’s Diary

I never expected to page through my mom’s diaries one day. To be honest, I didn’t know how much she wrote about her life until my sister found several scripted treasures when we sorted through mom’s home, looking for things that might keep her memory alive for our grieving hearts. My sister took them allContinue reading “5 Lessons I Learned From Reading My Mother’s Diary”

Who am I Behind the Pain?

At birth, we enter into this world pure and beautiful, handled with care by the medical team, and then embraced by our parents’ welcoming arms. Unconditional love reached into our souls long before our physical selves saw the first light of our new physical world. With each passing moment, we learned from our new reality,Continue reading “Who am I Behind the Pain?”

The Rollercoaster Ride: Courtesy of the Stages of Grief

When I was younger, I loved riding all of the thrill rides, and at the top of my list was the rollercoaster. It didn’t matter if the coaster was a small kiddie ride at a carnival, a floorless one, a twisting and turning looped coaster, or one that gave the most beautiful and endless scenicContinue reading “The Rollercoaster Ride: Courtesy of the Stages of Grief”

Why I’m Publicly Processing Life After Loss

Losing a loved one is an experience full of emotions. The grief I’m feeling after the loss of my mother is raw and unsettling, causing me to push the pause button in my own life. Recognizing that my emotional and mental states are not operating for optimal health and well-being is critical right now. FollowingContinue reading “Why I’m Publicly Processing Life After Loss”