The Journey to Here

The Journey to Here 1:1 Coaching Program

Client Testimonials

Jess is a natural healer.  Her warmth and authenticity create a comfortable, safe environment for deep self reflection and vulnerability. Her sessions help me access, release, and shift behaviors that no longer serve me and also empower me to move forward with conscious choice and joy. I feel lighter, more balance, and in control. She’s such a gem!

Jessica S., Former Middle School Teacher

I can’t thank you enough for your support through my recent career transition. All along the way, you coached me, cheered for me, and stood firmly in my corner as I began my new career and got settled in this new stage of life.
Looking back now I can reflect on how much extra burden I was carrying both physically and mentally just by trying to keep doing what I thought I had to do. Coming to the realization that a change was what I craved was a process, but I am so grateful I went through it.

Kelly D., former biology teacher

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