Empowering educators from the inside out!

Helping transitioning teachers overcome burnout, find motivation, and rediscover their purpose beyond the classroom with clarity and confidence.

Are you a teacher in transition and feel like you no longer know your purpose?

As a teacher who is transitioning out of the classroom, lots of thoughts, feelings, and questions can surface. You feel guilty for leaving your students behind, you feel obligated to stay because you’ve already put so much of yourself into it – but it no longer serves you. You wonder if you’ll be able to move beyond the classroom with only a teaching degree. The answer is yes, you can! Break free from the guilt and shame, find clarity, and rediscover your identity; you’re more than a teacher.

3 stages of the teacher transition

You’re in the classroom but your mind and heart are not.


You’ve resigned but feel in limbo and don’t know what to do next.

You’ve transitioned into a new career but can’t break old habits.

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A transition coach can help guide you toward your own empowerment

As a teacher who found herself struggling, burnt out and no longer feeling aligned with my once childhood dream – teacher – I started to make shifts and discovered the tools and roadmap to empowerment and inner healing. That’s when I found purpose outside the classroom and finally feel like myself again!

I’m Jess, and my goal is to guide teachers toward their own empowerment by shedding their teacher identity, healing from people pleasing and step into the next chapter of life with clarity, confidence and purpose.

Move beyond the classroom with clarity and confidence

1. Gain Clarity:

First we’ll get clear around where you are now, and where you want to be. We’ll explore your goals, develop a personalized plan, and take focused steps.

2. Make Shifts:

Next we’ll shed light on the root causes preventing you from finding the peace and balance you need. We’ll shift thoughts, words, and behaviors to align with what you envision for your life.

3. Level Up:

Finally, you’ll be equipped with tools and strategies to inspire and empower you beyond our time together. You’ll deepen the connection to yourself so you can live mindfully, intentionally and with purpose.

Free Transition Guide

For the teacher who knows they are meant for more. Take your first steps to transition out of the classroom.

“Jess has a calm, supportive, warm demeanor that puts you instantly at ease. She brings a caring and calm sense of community to her sessions. I leave feeling refreshed, recentered, and ready to greet my day.”


Are you meant for more?