Welcome to

The Journey to Here.

Hi, I’m Jess.

Wife. Mama. Creative. Lifelong Encourager. I’m the gal writing this stuff and supporting you on your journey.

My Story.

My passion for learning and teaching has revealed to me how much energy I get from contributing to the growth of others. I’ve learned to pay attention to what fuels my passions and brings me to life, and I feel in my element when I am helping others develop themselves.

A transformational journey of learning redefined my personal and professional life since first stepping into my teaching and leadership roles. This led me to create The Journey to Here, originally a place for teachers to find connection through stories, inspiration, and shared experiences during their transition from the traditional teacher-driven classroom to a learner-centered approach to education. As a teacher leader and experienced K-12 choice-based art educator, I discovered a strong desire to contribute to others’ growth to support moments of transition to learner autonomy.

However, something stirred within me to help others beyond the classroom walls. After the passing of my mother, I realized that everything that has happened on my journey up to this point, to here in this very moment, contributed to a strengthening desire to guide and coach others in their personal growth.

Mission and Vision

I aspire to be present for you, to show up as my authentic self, believe in you, and interact with care and kindness. I will support your learning, growth, and creativity driven by listening to you, giving you a safe space to reflect and express yourself, and coaching you to become a better version of yourself. I will inspire, encourage, and empower you to take action to reach your full potential and live your life on your terms.

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