You may be well aware of caring for your body’s needs. After all, it’s the physical vessel giving you life on earth. You nurture and care for it with proper nutrition, movement and exercise, rest, regular visits with your healthcare team, and probably some pampering, too. Beyond your natural body, your energetic body surrounds what you can physically sense and feel. You may have heard it called the auric field or human energy body. Within your energetic body, there are energy centers, or chakras. To become more acquainted with how to care for them, you’ll want to learn the basics. 

Let’s explore the basics of your energy centers or chakras together, so you feel equipped to care for them!

Chakra Basics for Beginners:

The body’s energetic system, or auric field includes a chakra system. The seven major chakras are energy centers located in your body. There are minor chakras, too, but for this article, we’ll focus on the major ones. Each chakra is associated with a body part and color, and influences your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Because chakras swirl and vibrate with energy, you can picture each chakra as a spinning wheel as you learn more about them. 

As you begin visualizing and caring for your chakras, it’s helpful to know the color and location associated with each one, as well as their influences in your life. To give you a better idea, you can use this free guide to learn more.

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Nourish Your Chakras

The power to heal always starts with you, and raising awareness is the entry point. By familiarizing yourself with your energetic body, you are taking a big step towards caring for and healing your energy from the inside out. Caring for your chakras can look differently for everyone. There are a few simple practices you can easily start to nourish and care for your energetic body focusing on your mind, body, and spirit.

What can you do to nourish your mind?

  • Journal about your day, challenges you face, or how you’re feeling about situations or circumstances in your life.
  • Talk with a trusted friend who will listen without judgment or the urge to “fix” you.
  • Prioritize your tasks by importance and timelines to help you with any mental overwhelm of your growing to-do list.

In what ways can you nourish your body?

  • Choose healthy, rainbow foods to align with your chakras. Your relationship with food can have a positive or negative impact on your energetic body.
  • Take time to rest. Beyond your physical need to rest, consider other ways your entire being could benefit from taking a break or restoring its energy.
  • Move your body. It’s no secret your body requires a combination of proper nutrition and exercise. Choose what makes sense to you, whether it’s yoga, strength training, taking a workout with friends, or hiking the local trails.

How can you nourish your spirit?

  • Set aside time to just “be.” Finding a quiet place to be relaxed and still can help slow down your busy mind and ground within your body.
  • Consider meditation and what it looks like for you. Meditation is more than the stereotypical misconceptions like chanting, deep breaths, or sitting still in a certain pose for long periods of time. (By the way, meditation can include those techniques, but you have more options to explore!) Meditation happens when you are fully present in the moment. Think about activities you already do and love when this happens. It could be sitting by a campfire watching the flames, listening to a nearby stream, kayaking, or listening to a guided meditation from your favorite podcast.
  • Make time to play and have fun. As adults, play is often viewed as something for children. It’s simply not true. Play is for everyone at any age. Think back to when you were a child. What did you do for fun? This could be a starting point if you’re looking for ways to incorporate more play and fun back into your life.

How Reiki Can Help You Care for Your Chakras

Working with a Reiki practitioner can be a powerful way to care for your chakras and nourish your mind, body, and spirit. A Reiki Practitioner can help you by clearing out stagnant energy and bringing more balance to your energy centers. You may receive Reiki in-person, during a virtual meeting, or by distance. Energy flows without limits, so when the practitioner gives treatment, you’ll receive the energy wherever you are, whether in person or across the country.

You may find a practitioner who receives and shares intuitive guidance during your treatment. Any intuitive guidance shared during Reiki can help raise awareness for areas of your life where you may want to look within, process, and work on to make shifts. Finding a practitioner who can help you explore sensitive topics after the treatment can give you an opportunity to make sense of what comes up during the Reiki session, so you feel supported moving beyond forward.  

It’s important to remember you are always healing. Life is a journey full of challenges, lessons, and beautiful experiences. Cultivating a life you love happens when you are intentional with caring for your mind, body, and spirit. Supporting your energetic body and chakras helps you do just that.

How do you care for your body’s energy?

Are you ready to put practices in place to nourish your chakras?

Looking for options to bring balance to your overall energy? Sometimes receiving Reiki is relaxing, but can also stir up heavy feelings to process. Working with a life coach could be the right step for you. Reiki combined with life coaching? Now that’s empowerment.