The Universe Beckoned to Rest, so I Did

Week 9 Dear Diary, October is my favorite month. Birthday celebrations, fall foliage, cooler temperatures, and the closer we get to Christmas music. This year, October was a challenging month for me. My thoughts of overwhelm got the best of me more than once, and I reached my breaking point. With another dose of pandemicContinue reading “The Universe Beckoned to Rest, so I Did”

Why I’m on the Journey to Here

“It gets better.” This quote has been a part of my journey for years. It stemmed from something my aunt once shared with me about following my instincts during an incredibly difficult time in my life. Whatever “it” is that is happening, good or bad, it will get better. I have realized that for me,Continue reading “Why I’m on the Journey to Here”

2020 Reflections.

Dear Diary, For many, 2020 was unbearable, full of stress and anxiety, a year to put in the past. Understandably so for those who suffered the tragic loss of loved ones, struggled financially, and dealt with increasing burdens as a result of the pandemic. As I reflected over the last year, it allowed me timeContinue reading “2020 Reflections.”

Day 69 for me.

Day 33 of full remote-instruction. Dear Diary, Chicken nuggets. That was the hot topic that somehow ruled the conversation and topics chosen by the middle school class during our game of Holiday Scribble Head at 8am this morning. Chicken nuggets as ornaments, chicken nuggets sledding, those were some of the ways that the artists creativelyContinue reading “Day 69 for me.”

Day 65 for me.

Day 29 of full remote-instruction. Dear Diary, My children’s district planned a Flexible Instruction Day today in preparation for a Nor’easter expected to bring anywhere from 9”-18” of snow for our area. This FID is a relatively new establishment in public education, giving districts the opportunity to continue to provide a counted school day insteadContinue reading “Day 65 for me.”

Day 58 for me.

Day 22 of full remote-instruction. Dear Diary, Earlier than normal, we left the house for the first doctor’s appointment available on the other side of State College. Although we were scheduled for a basic well visit and physical for my son, both children were getting their flu vaccination. Last year’s vaccinations were quite traumatizing forContinue reading “Day 58 for me.”