Dear Educators,

Another school year has begun, and you’re wondering what’s next for you. Chances are, you’re reading this letter because the question has crossed your mind before: Should I leave education or should I stay? It’s completely normal to question if the path you’ve chosen for yourself still feels like your dream job or if it has lost its spark. The once purpose-driven passion is now in question in your heart of hearts. I’ve been where you are now, and I’m here to support you.

You know what you want, and you can’t find it in any classroom.

When the question arises in your mind, you know in your heart you must make a choice about your future. Deep down you know teaching is no longer aligned with you. Whether it’s the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, or unrealistic expectations placed upon you, it’s okay to decide you’re meant for more peace, calm, and balance. If you’re like me, you intuitively knew that you’re meant for more…and the traditional four walls of the classroom were limiting your growth. Maybe staying in education and moving into another professional role may do the trick – another building, grade level, content area, or into administration.

Whatever “it” is, follow “it.” Get curious, stay open-minded, and explore your options. You have so much experience and transferable skills to transition into another role, whatever it may be. If your inner knowing nudges you to leave education altogether, lean into it. Surround yourself with your cheerleaders, empower yourself with self-compassion tools (the ride will uncover lots of limiting beliefs and heavy emotions!), and start your journey. Know that whatever you choose is right for you. Nobody can make decisions for you. Only you can create the life you want.

You feel all kinds of emotions, but not everyone “gets” it.

You may feel like you’re keeping secrets. Maybe you’ve tried sharing the thought of looking at other careers with close colleagues, friends, or family members, but the response was not what you expected. Did they look at you like you’re crazy? Tell you you’re just going through a phase? Assure you things will get better? With these types of responses, you may feel alone in this journey, lacking support from the ones you most need it. They don’t get it right now, and that’s okay. Depending on how they responded, you may choose not to continue the conversation or intentionally gatekeep the details. Not everyone needs to know your business.

Luckily, you’ll find your cheerleaders. If not right away, I promise, they will show up and encourage you until you find what’s next in your life. They may come as former teachers you’ve never met in person, career coaches giving you advice, or gems from within your close circle. You may even discover colleagues who are wondering the same question about their future as a teacher. Once you find these supporters, lean on them. They understand and believe in you. When your stress, anxiety, or constant back to school or Sunday Scaries ramp up, they will hold space for you and be the North Star to accompany you on this journey.

Despite self-doubt, you’re not giving up.

Your self-doubt gremlin shows up a lot, doesn’t it? It swoops in when you’re most vulnerable, wreaking havoc on your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. They showed up in your life at some point to keep you feeling safe, but then stick around and question every little move you make. Gremlins often have a strong and loud voice, so it’s essential to empower yourself with tools to manage them. 

Here’s a 3-Step Reframe I teach in both The Educators Meant for More Membership and the Self-Guided Journey:

  1. Raise your awareness of your thoughts. Be the observer. Notice any challenging thoughts that seem to run your mind.
  2. Look for evidence to support or deny these thoughts. Ask yourself, “Is this true?” or “What is this really about?” Get to the root cause.
  3. Intentionally choose a better thought that serves your highest good. 

In order for this framework to take hold, you must practice it. Give yourself grace, invite self-forgiveness, and then watch powerful shifts happen in the privacy of your own mind.

It’s time to start taking mini-power steps with purpose, trust, and alignment, just like an artist.

The creative process often begins with an idea. For intuitive creatives, you may already sense, feel, or have envisioned the masterpiece. You are the co-creator of your life, so no matter where you begin, remember thoughts turn into actions. Taking mini-power steps in the transition is a journey of purpose, trust, and alignment. As you follow the creative process, you’ll have opportunities to explore and research your ideas in depth, develop them into designs of your choosing, reflect, change your mind, revise, create, experiment, and probably reflect and revise some more before your masterpiece is ready for presentation. When you arrive at the final display, you may craft an artist statement to detail your creative journey, helping others understand your choices, challenges, or celebrations along the way. Your journey, expressed in your own voice, will help someone who needs a guide, just like you may be searching for one now.  

The thing about being the artist of your life, your life’s work, and, in this case, your career, is that you are uniquely you. You bring to the canvas talents, skills, and experiences only you possess. Invite curiosity, exploration, and take risks along your journey…because it’s only your journey and you always have the choice to keep going where you are, pivot and try something entirely different, and trust in the process. Your journey to here has been full of beautiful, and sometimes difficult, lessons for growth. Your spirit is always healing, learning, and evolving for your highest good. 

Wondering how to trust when you’re faced with uncertainty?
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Dear educator, you’re at a crossroads. No matter what lies ahead, your future self is standing there, waiting for you with open arms. Take a moment and imagine how proud your future self is of you right now. You’ve acknowledged you’re ready for a change that could alter the trajectory of your life. It’s scary, uncertain, liberating, and may require a complete identity shift, but you know in the end, your life’s work isn’t limited to a brick and mortar classroom, you are meant for more!

Are you meant for more?

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