Spiritual Renewal

Week 10 Dear Diary, I imagined that when my mom passed away, I would be filled with the grief of what could have been, that could not happen on earth. In the fleeting moments after learning of her death, that was exactly what happened. Walking with care, my colleague delivered me to my principal asContinue reading “Spiritual Renewal”

How to Trust in The Process Without Losing Your Mind

Week 5 Dear Diary, I am trusting in the process, which is easier said than done. Clarity for my future has brought excitement and an eagerness to spring forward to the next chapter of my journey. To be honest, I am impatient. I am ready to add value to the lives of others. I amContinue reading “How to Trust in The Process Without Losing Your Mind”

How to Start Rewriting Your Why With a Simple Strategy

Week 3 Dear Diary, Rewriting my why has been challenging. So many questions float around my mind for consideration. Should I develop a temporary why for the time being? Should the why be for my teaching career? Should it be for my personal life? Should I brainstorm my future why? Should I write down theContinue reading “How to Start Rewriting Your Why With a Simple Strategy”

Returning to School With a Different “WHY”

The week before school began. Dear Diary, My mind, body, and soul are on fire, in turmoil, and confusion. The week was a whirlwind of both exciting opportunity and disheartening moments. Doors opened and some have closed. Catching a glimpse of what could be a reality turned into a dream, and it vanished as quicklyContinue reading “Returning to School With a Different “WHY””