Get Out of Your Own Way and Reframe Your Thoughts

Several years ago, my district adopted the Danielson Group’s Framework for Teaching Evaluation. We all shuffled into our respective schools for our faculty meetings to learn about how the evaluation method would differ from years’ past, view the structure of the FFT rubric, and to visualize the extensive format of the full evaluation process. IfContinue reading “Get Out of Your Own Way and Reframe Your Thoughts”

Your Interpretation is not my Interpretation

It was the end of the school day, and I was wrapping up in my classroom studio before packing up my things to head home. One of the long-term subs stormed into my room, greeting me with artwork in her hands. I recognized the painting from passing it back to the artist earlier in theContinue reading “Your Interpretation is not my Interpretation”

Show up, be Present, and Make Space

Shifting your educational philosophy can be transformational, not only for you as a teacher, but for those around you – your learners, your colleagues, your school community, and it may even impact your home life. When you open yourself to the possibilities of this new adventure toward learner-centered education, you will find yourself in constantContinue reading “Show up, be Present, and Make Space”

Incubation Period

For longer than I can remember, writing the first paragraph to any academic assignment has been tedious for me. Making it even worse was watching others effortlessly craft perfect drafts in no time, while I knew that I would still be sitting in front of my computer, hands resting on my keyboard, staring at theContinue reading “Incubation Period”