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Educators Meant for More

The Journey to Here membership, helping educators find their bigger purpose, make shifts, and level up! For individuals who are committed to serious self-transformation and career transition out of the classroom.

Who’s it for?

No matter where you are in your journey, you will gain a supportive group of educators who are in the same boat wondering, “Is this where I’m meant to be?”, “Am I meant for more?”, “Should I stay or should I go?” or “I left. Now what?!”

This membership is for you if you are:

Contemplating resigning from your educator role.

You may be feeling like you’ve lost your sense of purpose, lost your spark for teaching and are contemplating resigning as a teacher or switching roles within education.

Educator Wellness The Journey To Here Life Coaching

Transitioning out of education searching for your next move.

You’ve made the decision to leave teaching. But now what? Should you stay in an educator role? Should you pursue other interests? How can you switch careers?

Starting a new position in or out of the classroom.

You’ve started a new position but are still fighting with gremlins to be a people pleaser, over achiever, taking care of everyone around you but forgetting about yourself.

What’s inside?

If you’re ready to dig deeper, make shifts, and find your sense of purpose outside the classroom, then this membership is for you. You will have access to the tools to make shifts, change careers, and level up your life!

Wellbeing Workshops

Guidance, support, and accountability led by member questions.

Bi-Weekly Emails

Uplifting inspiration delivered right to your inbox to keep you feeling aligned at any stage in your career.

Keynote Speakers

Special guests and experts with valuable insights, inspiring perspectives, and motivation for your journey beyond the classroom!

Community Support

A group of like-minded educators to provide support to one another.

Transition Hour

Monthly sessions to guide your transition, find clarity, build confidence, and connect with other transitioning teachers.

Members Only Perks!

Additional 1:1 services available to members only including Reiki and Inner-Child Healing sessions to help you on your journey to inner healing.

On-Demand Virtual Coaching

A self-guided course to help you look within and make shifts.

Mindset Classes

Elevate your mindset to overcome self-doubt, imposter syndrome, guilt, discouragement, and more.

Career Transition Experts

Access to career coaching to help with resume writing, the job search, and navigating your transition.

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Membership options

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 Support during your transition and beyond!


Jam-Packed with Value:


Career transition group coaching with easy to use, actionable strategies

$300+ Value


Holistic group coaching & mindset classes with a Master Certified NLP Transition & Clarity Coach and Reiki Practitioner

$300+ Value


Special guests and experts with valuable insights, inspiring perspectives, and motivation for your journey beyond the classroom

$500 Value


Inspirational success stories from former teachers to give you motivation and show you what’s possible



Bi-weekly email support to inspire your journey and hold you accountable between sessions

$200+ Value


Optional personalized coaching and energy healing sessions. A life-changing transformation



On-demand personal development library supporting your mind, body, spirit, empowering you from the inside out

$1,500 Value.
Yours for just $127


Private community of like-minded educators to connect with, celebrate, and uplift one another



Resources and worksheets to guide your transition journey

$150 Value

A nearly $3,000 value all for just one low monthly price!

Meant for More has a deeper meaning:

Those words kept coming up for me as I was being drawn to look outside of the classroom. I knew I was meant for something bigger than myself, bigger than teaching art to kids (not to dismiss the impact I know I have on kids)…I just didn’t really know what that meant for more was until I had more clarity and was open to what was lining up for me…how everything had been like little dots and then started to connect before my eyes.

I’m meant for more than my teaching identity and the masks I wear or wore (overachiever, people pleaser, department leader, wife, parent, daughter, holding it all together, etc). I was and am meant for living a life that is intentional, balanced, and tapping into my inner strength and power – looking within, awakening my spirit and living in alignment with my purpose. Shining my light for others in their darkness, empowering others with tools to guide them to their own strength and trust themselves and listen, with confidence and certainty, to their intuition.


Who is the membership for?

Educators Meant for More is exclusively for current and former teachers. Whether following an inner knowing to explore options outside of the classroom, or finding purpose in a new career with residual “teacher” behaviors and patterns no longer serving you, this membership could be for you. You want actionable steps to switch careers or leave one in the past. You want to know what to do when self-doubt, overwhelm, or imposter syndrome sets in. You know that “enough is enough!” and you’re ready to start living an aligned life with purpose beyond the classroom. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

How is Educators Meant for More different from other career transition services for teachers?

This is such a great question. When Jess started her transition journey, she quickly realized how deeply rooted her teacher identity was in her life. Because she saw herself as “just a teacher,” she had a gut feeling she needed more than career transition strategy alone. She recognized there was inner work to be done in order to heal her relationship with education, find courage and confidence to even make a career change, and take action to release what no longer served her (being a department leader and k-12 art teacher), so she could realign her purpose with her life’s work beyond the classroom. 

Jess started seeing other teachers with the same issues surfacing. They knew they wanted to leave the classroom, find more work/life balance, and feel like they had purpose in something the traditional four walls of the classroom could no longer offer. But how? The starting point seemed out of reach, overwhelming, and just a dream. For some, a hefty price tag of career services stopped them in their tracks. Jess got to work on the membership to help teachers as a whole person. Now teachers can find everything in one place with LIVE and recorded sessions for career strategy, personal wellbeing, and rewriting old programs, limiting beliefs and stories, keeping teachers feeling stuck. Jess trusted her inner knowing that educators were meant for more, so she’s helping you trust your inner knowing, too, inside the membership!


What topics and support does the membership offer for a career transition?

You know a career transition looks different for everyone, but the most powerful transformations take place when you take aligned actionable steps with the bigger picture in mind. The membership is designed to support your career transition from a holistic approach, giving you concrete career strategies, while empowering you with tools to navigate the mental and emotional rollercoaster you’re also riding during any major life change. 

Here’s the membership at a glance: 3 monthly live 60-90 minute sessions, including the Transition Hour, Keynote Speakers, and Wellbeing Workshops. Along with live sessions, you’ll have access to Jess’ Self-Guided Journey, an on-demand personal development course, bi-weekly emails with coaching support and details about the monthly sessions, worksheets and downloads to guide your transition, and a personal community of educators in transition and former teachers to connect with and stay accountable on this journey.

What’s covered in the Transition Hour? Here are a sampling of topics:

  • Learn about positions that align with your experience, skills, and values
  • Get clear on jobs educators can apply their transferable skills and earn a living
  • Resume help, job board exploration, networking strategies, interview prep 

Who are the Keynote Speakers?

  • Experts in HR, Financial Advisors to inform decisions about resignation/retirement, authors, health & wellness coaches, former teachers talking about their successful transition journey, clients of Jess sharing how their inner transformations gave them confidence and courage to level up their lives, Career Transition Strategists, teachers turned business owners, and more!

Describe the Wellbeing Workshops. What are they exactly?

  • Live virtual sessions led by Jess, Master Certified NLP Practitioner & Reiki Practitioner, coaching you through the mental and emotional overwhelm that surfaces during major life transitions, like changing, resigning, or retiring from careers.
  • Focus areas: Mindset work, emotional intelligence, spiritual shifts, trusting in your intuition and inner knowing, time and energy strategies, mindfulness practices, goal setting, how to deal with self-doubt, rejections, imposter syndrome, discouragement, and both honoring and releasing your teacher identity in order to fully embrace a renewed sense of purpose. 
  • Wellbeing workshops are designed to respond to members’ needs, so they have a safe space to collectively raise self-awareness, process what’s coming up (like teacher guilt or burnout), get to the root cause, and feel empowered with strategies moving forward. 
How do I know when the coaching sessions and classes are scheduled?

Members receive emails sharing details of upcoming sessions, classes, and keynote speakers. Dates and Zoom links are provided via email and inside the membership. 

What if I can’t make a virtual session?

So glad you asked! We know you are busy! And with members from different time zones, it might be hard to attend every live virtual session. That’s why all sessions are recorded. Inside the membership, you’ll find coaching sessions and classes available for you to watch at your convenience. Recordings from the membership’s beginning pilot group are there, too!

Is it possible to meet 1:1 with Jess or her team?

Exclusive member perks include options to schedule 1:1 clarity coaching and/or Reiki sessions with Jess for more personalized and private support. Members receive special rates the general public doesn’t get! You’ll also have a referral link to Jess’s #1 Career Transition Strategist to schedule a free consultation!

How do I know if the membership is right for me?

With any service or program, it’s always nice to try it out first. That’s why we have a 7-day free trial with the monthly option. You can also schedule a personal clarity call with Jess to see if the membership will help you in this season of your life. 

What can I expect to get out of the membership?

Leaving the classroom is a major life decision. You have questions, and the membership will answer them!

A career transition is a life changing decision. If you’re not sure where to start, you’re not alone. It’s time to rediscover your purpose with clarity and confidence. No matter where you find yourself in your transition journey, the membership will help you answer the questions:

  • I know I want to leave teaching, but what do I do next?
  • I’m just a teacher. What roles are beyond the classroom?
  • What to do when the transition is overwhelming. How do I prevent burnout?
  • I feel alone in this transition. Where can I find support?
  • When should I work with a resume writer or career coach? Who should I trust?
  • What do I need to know about LinkedIn and other job boards?
  • What steps do I need to be taking now to land a job that aligns with me?
  • How do I translate my teaching resume for a job outside of education?
  • How do I talk to my family, friends, and colleagues about my transition?
  • I’m consumed with self-doubt. What can I do to feel more confident?
  • The application process can be so discouraging. How can I stay hopeful when I feel so stuck?
  • I’m experiencing a lot of grief. Where can I find support?
  • How do I shed my teacher identity and feel empowered to move beyond the classroom?

About Your Coach

I’m Jess, and I’ve been where you are

“It’s not just a physical process of getting a new job. I’ve had to put in energetic work around shedding my teacher identity – mind, body, spirit. It’s been an emotional process!”

Jessica Madenford

Are you meant for more?

Stop questioning yourself, tap into your intuition, make shifts, and transition out of the classroom with purpose!