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Educators Meant for More

The Journey to Here membership, helping educators find their bigger purpose, make shifts, and level up! For individuals who are committed to serious self-transformation in or out of the classroom.

Who’s it for?

No matter where you are in your journey, you will gain a supportive group of educators who are in the same boat wondering, “Is this where I’m meant to be?”, “Am I meant for more?”, “Should I stay or should I go?” or “I left. Now what?!”

This membership is for you if you are:

Contemplating resigning from your educator role.

You may be feeling like you’ve lost your sense of purpose, lost your spark for teaching and are contemplating resigning as a teacher or switching roles within education.

Educator Wellness The Journey To Here Life Coaching

Transitioning out of education searching for your next move.

You’ve made the decision to leave teaching. But now what? Should you stay in an educator role? Should you pursue other interests?

Starting a new position in or out of the classroom.

You’ve started a new position but are still fighting with gremlins to be a people pleaser, over achiever, taking care of everyone around you but forgetting about yourself.

What’s inside?

If you’re ready to dig deeper to live a more aligned and balanced life, with a sense of greater purpose, then this membership is for you. You will have access to the tools to look within, make shifts, and level up your life!

Wellbeing Workshops

Guidance, support, and accountability led by member questions.

Bi-Weekly Emails

Uplifting inspiration delivered right to your inbox to keep you feeling aligned at any stage in your career.

Keynote Speakers

Special guests and experts with valuable insights, inspiring perspectives, and motivation for your journey beyond the classroom!

Community Support

A group of like-minded educators to provide support to one another.

Transition Hour

Monthly sessions to guide your transition, find clarity, build confidence, and connect with other transitioning teachers.

Members Only Perks!

Additional 1:1 services available to members only including Reiki and Inner-Child Healing sessions to help you on your journey to inner healing.

On-Demand Virtual Coaching

A self-guided course to help you look within and make shifts.


Videos, worksheets, and downloads to help guide you on your journey.

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Meant for More has a deeper meaning:

Those words kept coming up for me as I was being drawn to look outside of the classroom. I knew I was meant for something bigger than myself, bigger than teaching art to kids (not to dismiss the impact I know I have on kids)…I just didn’t really know what that meant for more was until I had more clarity and was open to what was lining up for me…how everything had been like little dots and then started to connect before my eyes.

I’m meant for more than my teaching identity and the masks I wear or wore (overachiever, people pleaser, department leader, wife, parent, daughter, holding it all together, etc). I was and am meant for living a life that is intentional, balanced, and tapping into my inner strength and power – looking within, awakening my spirit and living in alignment with my purpose. Shining my light for others in their darkness, empowering others with tools to guide them to their own strength and trust themselves and listen, with confidence and certainty, to their intuition.

About Your Coach

I’m Jess, and I’ve been where you are

“It’s not just a physical process of getting a new job. I’ve had to put in energetic work around shedding my teacher identity – mind, body, spirit. It’s been an emotional process!”

Jessica Madenford

Please note

Who this is not for/What this is not:

      • Access to job boards
      • Certification offerings for specific careers outside of education
      • Teachers who want a substitute for therapy or other professional mental/therapeutic/psychological services

This membership will offer a safe space for people to air out concerns, but with the understanding that we’re all working together to listen, uplift, support, and guide others towards knowing what’s best for them.

Are you meant for more?

Stop questioning yourself, tap into your intuition, make shifts, and level up your life!